Pune Hams - Popularization of science with Ham Radio - VU2CSM

Beyond the fundamental requirements of food and shelter, man has another basic need – to communicate with other members of the society. This communication may take different forms and use different means, but basically, it involves the art of transmitting information, ideas and attitudes. The evolution of modern telecommunication system is the result of many scientists and technologists in the past.

One among the modern telecommunication systems is Amateur Radio or Ham Radio which involves the use of Radio waves for global communication without wires. Though advanced technologies are in existence for telecommunication today, accessibility to a common aspiring man is still a problem and to sort out this issue Amateur Radio provides a helping hand. Unfortunately, even today, many of us are not aware of this hobby and this talk would throw some light as to how this hobby could be taken to youngsters, especially in schools and colleges through a program called “The school on air”, so that they can also become licensed amateur radio operators and contribute to the welfare of the society.
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