Million Dollar Weekend (1948) | FULL MOVIE | Film-Noir, Crime, Drama Film

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The subject of Million Dollar Weekend movie: Nicholas Lawrence, a young stockbroker, embezzles a million dollars worth of cash and stock, planning to flee to Shanghai. En route, he meets Cynthia Strong, who is fleeing Los Angeles after the suspicious death of her husband. When a blackmailer tries to force her to pay him or he'll accuse her of murder, she appeals to Nicholas for assistance. During a layover in Honolulu, while Nicholas and Cynthia are eating dinner, the blackmailer steals the attaché case containing the stolen loot. Nicholas and Cynthia pursue the thief to San Francisco in a desperate attempt to recover the stocks and money before Nicholas' now regretted embezzlement is discovered.

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The name of the movie: Million Dollar Weekend
Movie genres: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Year of construction: 1948 (Black and white film)
Director: Gene Raymond
Writers: Charles Belden (screenplay) (as Charles S. Belden), Matty Kemp (original story
Stars: Gene Raymond, Osa Massen, Francis Lederer

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