Khayee Twar Hanlwal_Reality TV Series Trailer 1

A surprise meet up with a celebrity and being able to talk anything is a true rare chance
that a lot of people would imagine being part of. This is where we hear the truth that all
walks of life are going through everyday.

This program aims to reach out to the people of Yangon as a surprise interview.
By having a celebrity to share conversation with ordinary people, the viewers can enjoy
the story from both sides of the world. The discussion topics will be unplanned to.
a certain level to maintain the sense of a reality show. The theme of the program is relax
and easy while covering daily lives of all walks of lives. By sharing, we can always learn
from each other and be in the shoes of other person. Further more, the program
reflects the idea of “ Not only you, only me “ because everyone goes through ups and
downs in life.
टीवी सीरीज
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